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straight osteotome / convex array
OSTMSP50 Hu-Friedy

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straight osteotome / convex array straight osteotome / convex array - OSTMSP50


  • Form:

    straight, convex array


Osteotome Bone-Spreader #2.50 convex straight 5,0mm

Developed for the lateral bone condesation of the closed sinus elevation technique. The tip design allows for the insertion of rotationally symmetrical implants (3,3 - 6,5mm) in soft bone structures. The rounded tip minimizes the risk of perforation when lifting the Schneider´s membrane.

Did you know we have a DIN cassette for a bone spreading kit (for 2 handles and upt o 25 osteotomes)? Partcode: IMEDINOST. Also available as 1/2DIN cassette for 10 osteotomes and 2 handles. Partcode: IME12DINOST.

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