drug ampoule bag / handheld
AEROcase® ProEMS CAS1 HUM - Gesellschaft für Homecare und Medizintechnik



  • Use:

    for drug ampoules

  • Carrying mode:



Addition for AEROcase PRO1R and ProEMS Series

AEROcase® - Pro Emergency Medical Service CAS1
Ampoule cases for shatter-proof storage of ampoules, cannulas and syringes

Small Ampoule Case CAS1
• Holds 50 ampoules (24 x 1 ml | 14 x 1-2 ml | 7 x 5 ml | 5 x 10 ml)
• Removable seperating strip
• Integrated fixation loops on both sides
• Transparent pocket for a part list
• All around intergrated foam protects content from shattering
• Velcro strips on the backside for fastening of emergency
• Space saving storage in emergency bags or backpacks

Space for 50 ampoules

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