Surgical laser / urological surgery / lithotripsy / Ho:YAG
HyPHo Hyper Photonics


  • Applications:

    surgical, urological surgery, lithotripsy

  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:


  • Wavelength:

    2100 nm


The indispensable, compact Ho:Yag Laser

2.1 µm radiation of the HyPHo system is strongly absorbed by water and tissue.
Minimal penetration, less than 0.5mm, ensures safe tissue ablation.
The laser operates only in pulsed mode. When it operates with short pulse duration it is highly effective in the fragmentation of calculi and in the hard tissue ablation. When it operates in long pulse duration it is highly effective in cutting soft tissue providing excellent haemostasis and coagulation. Thanks to its high water absorption the application
in a hydrous solution environment is intrinsecally safe.
Four operative modes are available: Ablation, Coagulation, Fragmentation mode, Dusting mode. Tens of preset protocols are included in the software.
Fragmentation mode with shorter pulses ensures excellent stone fragmentation especially
for harder stones.
Dusting mode with longer pulses ensures:
- minimized stone migration;
- smaller fragment production avoiding the need for basket extraction reducing
the total time of the procedure;
- Reduced laser fiber burn back.
Main Features

Advanced patient database
Internal videos and photos
Unlimited protocols
Ethernet connection
Remote diagnostic
Remote upload of customized software
Wide range of accessories
High peak power
Variable pulse width
Green aiming beam
Low noise
Blast shield protection


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