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microplate streaking system / bacteriological culture / floor-standing
PreLUD™ I2A (Intelligence Artificielle Applications) S.A.



  • Glassware:

    for microplates

  • Applications:

    bacteriological culture

  • Configuration:



PreLUD, for clinical labs

Automatic culture plates streaker with high capacity

Continuous sample loading

Accepts tubes with or without caps

Accepts most samples: sample collection and dispensing by loop, pipette or swab

Customizable streaking by loop or bead

Direct printing on plates

Agar lots management

PreLUD, AST option

Automatic preparation of antibiograms: streaking and disks dispensing

Streaking of round and square plates by swab

Possibility to dispense disks on culture plates

Possibility to prepare AST and culture plates from the same sample

Disks lots management

PreLUD, for food labs

Automatic culture plates preparator with high capacity

Continuous sample loading

Automatic dilutions

Surface or mass seeding

Customizable streaking of surface by loop, bead or comb

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