Electro-stimulator / tabletop / 10-channel
Neurodyn Ibramed


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NEURODYN 10 CHANNELS V3.0 incorporates microcomputer technology which implies it is micro controlled. The device was constructed as per existing technical standards for the manufacturing of medical instrument (NBR IEC 60601-2-10, IEC 60601-1-2 NBR and NBR IEC 60601-1). Serving as a comprehensive unit of uncomplicated operation, NEURODYN 10 CHANNELS V3 is characterized by 10 output channels, permitting several treatment options, making it indispensable for clinical practice. NEURODYN 10 CHANNELS V3.0 is used to for generating average frequency current, Aussie current and Russian current in the cases of neurological disorders treatment, esthetic (Lymphatic Drainage, Eletrolipólise), traumatology and orthopedics. NEURODYN 10 CHANNELS V3.0 is capable of applying electrical current via electrodes maintaining direct contact with patient. This transcutaneous neuromuscular stimulator was designed primarily focusing on requirement of workers, working in various areas of esthetics, medical esthetics and physical rehabilitation. NEURODYN 10 CHANNELS V3.0 serves as an electro simulator providing 10 output channels intended for wide range of patients.


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