Ultrasound diathermy unit / tabletop / 1-channel
Sonopulse Ibramed


  • Type:

    ultrasound diathermy unit

  • Ergonomics:


  • Number of channels:



Sonopulse 1.0 MHz and 3.0 MHz is a micro controlled unit and it is in accordance with technical standards for the construction of medical equipment. It was developed for therapy and acts in filds: the inflammatory rheumatic disorders, inflammatory diseases of the peripheral nervous system, traumatic and peripheral circulatory disorders, inflammatory diseases of the skin surface areas, degenerative changes in the skeleton, particularly the spine, contractions, periarthritis, cellulitis, etc.. Of modern design, the device case has an inclined front panel that enables the therapist to easily adjust necessary parameters to treatment.The equipment allows the choice of frequency of ultrasound emission.


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