laboratory evaporator / rotary
5 - 300 rpm | RV 8 V IKA



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A functional and basic distilling system, the RV8 is another IKA Rotary Evaporator model. The ambidextrous, single hand design on the manual lift allows for more precise glassware positioning and includes a safety lift-out function. Rotation speed and heating bath temperatures are easy due to the machine’s digital displays. Changing the evaporation flask is made simple with the newer clamp mechanisms on the particular model. Ergonomic handles are available for carrying water or oil heating baths. Other features include a key-button locking feature on the bath temperature heater, adjustable angle immersion, and a speed range of 5 - 300 rpm. It is compatible with all IKA RV 10 glassware and operated with reduced 24 V power.