erectile dysfunction ESWT unit / table-top
MODUS Focus ED-SWT Inceler Medikal



  • Applications:

    for erectile dysfunction

  • Ergonomics:



Unlike the radial shock therapy system, the EDSWT system provides targeting and focusing on a selected anatomical region. The direct transmission of shock waves to the focus point has been performed. Modus EDSWT, Modus ESWT In addition to physiotherapy, orthopedics, veterinary, ect.. applications, They being used in such applications, it is also used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction disorder known as impotence among the population.

Modus EDSWT's principle of operation is electrohydraulic focus is centered. It uses acoustic waves to initiate a process called neovascularization in some parts of the body with shock wave therapy. As a result of neovascularization, new blood vessels are formed.

This system is used in orthopedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology, aesthetics, beauty and veterinary medicine.