multipurpose radiography X-ray generator / with control panel
TOP-X 100NR Innomed Medical Developing and Manufacturing



  • Type of imagery:

    for multipurpose radiography

  • Options:

    with control panel

  • Power:

    80000, 65000, 50000


50-65-80 kW, 100 kHz high ripple -frequency
Digital R/F, ideal for hospital digitalization
CAN and traditional interface, easy installation, optimal noise protection
Automatic mains voltage compensation before and during exposure
Automatic exposure control (AEC), max. 4 channels, with 1- or 3-field chambers
Normal and high-speed X-ray tubes can be used, built-in optional high speed starter
One or Two tubes, four bucky and tomo handling
Small size, easy placement, useable in the smallest of rooms

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