laboratory reagent dispenser / bench-top / for microplates
VIAFILL Integra Biosciences AG



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    for microplates


The VIAFILL Reagent Dispenser is intended for high performance dispensing from 0.5 to 9,999 µL. This model features a touch screen graphical user interface for simplistic programming of repeat dispenses, variable volume dispenses and custom programming. Users can easily alternate between 8 and 16 channel dispensing cassettes for rapid filling of 24 to 1536 well plates. The addition of the stacker allows the utilization of 25 and 50 plate chimneys for filling bulk quantities of both non-lidded and lidded plates.
Features and benefits:
Rapid bulk reagent dispensing
Color touch screen user interface reduces learning curve.
Plate stacking option allows for walk away capability.

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