automatic media preparation system / stirring / heating / sterilization
MEDIACLAVE 10, MEDIACLAVE 30 Integra Biosciences AG



  • Operation:


  • Preparation type:

    stirring, heating, sterilization

  • Configuration:



The MEDIACLAVE 30 allows the rapid and gentle sterilisation of 3-30 L culture medium. Precise control of process parameters during the sterilisation process guarantees media of constant high quality. The intuitive multilingual user interface and the simple programming make it very easy, even for untrained users, to operate the MEDIACLAVE 30.
Media preparation by the MEDIACLAVE 30 is very easy. The culture medium can be dissolved directly within the instrument. Automatic self checks and several monitoring systems guarantee highest operational safety.
The new MEDIACLAVE 30 can be conveniently connected to the MEDIAJET, allowing the automated and continuous dispensing of media into Petri dishes at the touch of a button.

Features and benefits:
- Preparation of 30 L media in a single run for the filling of about 1500 Petri dishes.
- Flow heater system for fast and gentle media preparation.
- Powerful bidirectional stirrer to guarantee homogeneous media.
- Controlled vessel deaeration for complete media sterilisation
- TÜV certified for compliance to international safety standards.
- Integrated web server for online documentation of the process.
- Electronically signed log files according to FDA and EU guidelines.

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