straight healing abutment / titanium / internal hexagon
IHHA2, IHHA7 Intra-Lock International, Inc.



  • Configuration:


  • Material:


  • Connection:

    internal hexagon

  • Implant diameter:

    3.5 mm

  • Implant length:

    Max.: 7 mm

    Min.: 2 mm


Some practitioners are accustomed to restoring implants with abutments compatible with an internal hex configuration. For those practitioners, Intra-Lock’s IntraHex™ provides the flexibility of utilizing a familiar restorative system without sacrificing surgical integrity.

Now the technological advances found in Intra-Lock’s Gold&Blue™ Internal Connection Implant bodies are available on a wide selection of implants…with an internal–hex abutment connection.

• Compatible with Internal
Hex Configurations

• Flexibility of Familiar
Restorative System

• Maintain Implant Body
Technological Advances

• OSSEAN® Surface

• BLOSSOM® Self-tapping Technology