visualization software / diagnostic / medical imaging
Myrian® Advance Intrasense



  • Function:

    visualization, diagnostic

  • Application domain:

    medical imaging


At the hospital or at your practice, on your PACS or on your laptop, the universal multimodality diagnostic workstation now has a name.

This genuine multimodality diagnostic workstation will keep you ahead of the game. Myrian® Advance contains every tool you need for your diagnosis in one highly optimized workspace layout. The user-definable protocols automatically organize the workspace for your studies to achieve maximum efficiency. MIP, MinIP, curved and oblique MPR, synchronized study comparison and countless other options turn Myrian® Advance into a productivity workhorse. Myrian® Advance is the diagnostic workstation par excellence, whether in the interpretation room, at medical staff meetings, as an add-on to your server at the practice, as an extension to your PACS, or even carried around on your laptop. Every detail is designed to make your everyday life more comfortable and cheaper.