3D viewing software / post-processing / measurement / planning
Myrian® Expert VL Intrasense



  • Function:

    post-processing, measurement, planning, diagnostic, 3D viewing, analysis

  • Application domain:

    medical imaging


Volume measurement station, diagnostic platform and launch-pad to the Myrian® expert modules : a new standard has been set.

This multimodality 3D diagnostic workstation is both a versatile volume measurement solution for the quantification and follow-up of tumors and a gateway to the powerful expert modules of Myrian® : liver surgery, virtual colonoscopy, lung pathology analysis, lung nodule follow-up or orthopedic measurements. Selected by the finest specialists for routine diagnosis, surgical planning, oncology and research, Myrian® Expert VL boasts the ultimate, state-of-the-art Intrasense technology and expertise. Protocols, endoscopy, study comparison, complex post-processing and reconstruction, segmentation all the most clinically effective tools fall instinctively into place.
Kind on your pocket, Myrian® Expert VL is todays definitive complement to your setup and your modalities alike.