onychomycosis treatment laser / pigmented lesion treatment / vascular lesion treatment / diode
LINA-30i intros Medical Laser



  • Applications:

    onychomycosis treatment, pigmented lesion treatment, vascular lesion treatment

  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:


  • Wavelength:

    810 nm



The LINA-30i 810 enables not only the treatment of facial vascular skin changes but also allows effective surgical and ablation procedures. The 810 nm wavelength achieves good absorption in haemoglobin and melanin and low water absorption. With high penetration depths achieved in comparison to KTP lasers, it is possible to reliably treat to not only superficial vessels but also deeper vessels.

Fields of use: Dermatology


Effective and safe treatment of small and large vessels
High penetration depth and selective haemoglobin absorption
Treatment of superficial and deeper vessels
Very good haemostasis
Little pain experienced
Excellent cosmetic results
Wide range of potential applications