debridement electrosurgical unit / ultrasonic
GENERA UDD Italia Medica


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The GENERA ultrasonic system is an innovative method for the treatment of ulcerative cutaneous lesions.

The rapid and radical ulcer Debridement is achieved through the creation of cavitational energy directly in contact with the wound, removing fibrinous and necrotic tissues, even the most tenaciously adherent. All this paired with a perceived degree of pain felt by the patient that is much lower when compared to conventional methods. The GENERA ultrasound system also results in a very high reduction of the bacterial load on infected ulcers. (Bacterial Killing – approx. 95-98%)

The wide range of (patented) titanium tips allows for their use with many types of skin ulcers such as those in the legs, pressure sores, wounds etc.

Treatment with GENERA does not interfere with other associated therapeutic measures.


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