radiography system / analog / for multipurpose radiography / with ceiling-mounted telescopic tube stand



  • System type:

    radiography system

  • Technology:


  • Application:

    for multipurpose radiography

  • Features:

    with ceiling-mounted telescopic tube stand, without table, with floor-standing bucky


The Telescop tube stand can hang from a ceiling and works with a sensible design that works with support from an experienced agency. This works with many ideas for keeping the setup ready and uses one of many models for different travel needs. This can work with tube weights of all sorts and can link many units together with engineering support that's easy to handle and works without too much effort on the operator's end. This is light in weight and sturdy while using smooth movements that are easy to facilitate. These are made for fixed tables, gurneys, vertical buckies and more. This also uses an image intensifier and can come with a tomography device if needed for supporting the needs that the client may have.