phlebology laser / lipolysis / dental / dermatology
EVE 980 ITC - International Technology Corporation



  • Applications:

    phlebology, lipolysis, dental, dermatology, surgical, acne treatment

  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:


  • Wavelength:

    980 nm


Type of Laser GaALSs Diode
Safety System Over Heating Temp, Inter Lock
Laser Power 1W~30W
Wave Length 980nm ±3%
Output Modes Continue, Single, Repeat
Optical Contact Fibers 400㎛, 600㎛ ±10%
Application Modes Pulse duration
- width 100ms~1000ms
Repetition rate - 1Hz~10Hz
Aiming beam - 1~10 Adjustable
Main Power Supply AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Laser Class IEC60825-1(2001)Class4
Protection Class/Type Class 1/B
Cooling system Peltier element & air
Weight 11kg
Dimension (W×D×H) 428×305×320(mm)

- EVLT High-end technique laser surgery treatment targetsto seal the vein wall shut. The damagedveins got shrank the faulty
vein slowly by blocking the backward blood flow. This eliminates bulged veins at its sources.
EVLT has fast and simple with non scar operation.
- Hemorrhoids That is the laser treatment by using laser energy to sever hemorrhoids. That is new laser treatment to
Hemorrhoids after putting ICG (Indocyaine green) to the area of hemorrhoids. That makes coagulate only the injected area of
- Gynecology department (DLV, LVR) Laser vaginal rejuvenation has become one of the most common procedures in
Redesigning slacked virginal walls and surrounding, it gives the feeling of satisfaction to frigid woman with minimum scar
and simple operation.
- Dental clinic This treatment has efficiency for cutting, disinfection and coagulation without harm to surrounding tissue around
- Lipo & Aesthetics Keloids / Fine wrinkles / Laser lipolysis / Acne scars
- ENT department