dental air scaler / periodontal / for endodontics / handpiece
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    periodontal, for endodontics

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the most powerful and quietest air scaler of its class.
« More Powerful power & Comfort & Stable Frequency;
The handpiece produces subsonic (not ultrasonic; vibrations, it provides more îhan 3 times powerful pcwer than tradrtional Air Scalers
Working with the Premium Air Sonic Scaler is less tiring for the practitioner and increases patient comfort.
Action is produced by mechanical and physical movement- difficutt calculus, plaque and stain will easity removed.
© With the broadest range of use in dentistry:
• Prophylaxis I • Endocont-cs ! • Periodcntics I • Minimally invasive caries therapy
•Surgery/* Préparation
offers settngs for diverse dinical needs. It sgnificantly ircreases dinical efficiency.
While the gentle minimum mode is for delicate procédures, the maximum power mcde is good for gereral scaling.
© No additicnal equipment is necessary;
Cocnect it to the standard handpiece tubing, viithout any annoying, over-floor cables, or æJditonal foot Controls
« Substantially Quiete Less than 2 dE noise levei which translates into less stress for the dental team and patients
© No oontra indication for pacemaker whom carrying patients-generates; No electromagnetic frequency concem and No interference cccurs risk.
© Washable in the Thermodisinfecîor & Autoclavable up to 135!C (270#F)
<- Compatible to Air Scaler tips of KaVo*N$K.*andetc.
® Recommended air pressure ( bar2.2 - 2.5; Consump(ion l/min: 18 *25.
« Limited 24- month warrant)'.