titrator evaporator / Karl Fischer / with automatic sample changer
AQS-22010AS JM Science



  • Applications:

    for titrators

  • Type:

    Karl Fischer

  • Other characteristics:

    with automatic sample changer


Automated Solid Evaporator System AQS-22010AS (AQ/AQV-2200AS + EV-2010)The EV-2010 automated evaporator/sample changer can be connected with both the AQ-2200AS coulometric KF titrator and the AQV-2200SA volumetric titrator, which makes the AQS-22010AS a complete, automated evaporation KF titration system. For medium to heavy workloads, up to 10 samples can be placed on the turntable at the same time. Up to 99 samples can be run by simply removing the finished sample and adding a new one.FeaturesExtremely compact design. The compact upright design for both the heating block and the KF titrator saves valuable bench space.Wide temperature range and programmable temperature control. The heating temperature can be set up to 300 °C and programmed with up to 3steps. This feature makes it easier to find the optimum temperature for each individual solid sample, or allows you to differentiate surface water from bound water.Dry Air Pump (Optional)