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temperature monitoring web application



  • Function:

    temperature monitoring


SiriusWeb, Cloud Based Temperature Monitoring SolutionCold storage is becoming more subjected to external regulation. To assist you in your quality control program, JRI offers you a new all inclusive service via the internet: Sirius Web.This turn key, web-based solution allows on-line access to review your system temperatures from any web connection. Three service levels are offered: Lite, Gold and Platinum.Now, SiriusWeb allows to monitor the energy consumption (electricity, water and gas) of your equipment. Measures and monitors of your cold storage chambers Allows management of your data (alarms, graphs and profiles) from any web connection Automatically sends alarm alerts via email, sms/textmessage or phone when thresholds are overstepped Allows setting targets and comparison of the actual consumption with previous weeks, previous months and previous years Can keys an average cost for estimation of savings or additional costs Automatically sends of a weekly report by email Automatically archives your data on secured servers