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Mini SPY RF Green JRI



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Mini SPY RF Green Temperature RecorderMini SPY RF Green is a eco-friendly wireless datalogger, the ideal solution for temperature monitoring of your thermosensitive products.This Eco-friendly temperature recorder is fully recyclable and takes into account many ecological criteria such as natural resources preservation, limiting gas emissions, reducing waste... Measurement range: -40°C+85°C Accuracy: ±0,4°C from -20 to +30°C and ±0,5°C from -40 to -20°C and from +30 to +80°C ±0,7°C above +80°C Resolution: 0.1°C Protection index: IP67 Battery life: 2 years (lithium battery and replaceable by the user) Acquisition: 1 s to 90 mn Double memory: 10 000 measurements + 1 ko Radio range: 58 m Radio band: 868 Mhz ISM Compliance: EN12830, CE, ROHS, ETS 300-220