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cryotherapy chamber

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cryotherapy chamber cryotherapy chamber


  • Temperature:

    Min.: -140 °C (-220 °F)

    Max.: -40 °C (-40 °F)


CRYOGENIC CHAMBER - ( Cryochamber) – is suited for group systemic cryogenic therapy. Cryochamber is a unit composed of two separate rooms – the preliminary chamber and the main chamber. The temperature may be set ranging from -40C to -60C in the preliminary chamber and from -100C to -160C in the main chamber. The time of the procedure is set and controlled by the personnel and equals 3 minutes for each chamber. Both ,treatment temperatures and time may be selected and planned individually for each and every session.

Induced circulation on “cold” enables an even spread of temperature throughout the rooms.

Furthermore the lack of roof eliminates the problem of heat produced by patients which accumulates under the ceiling. In chamber equipped with roofs the accumulated heat has a negative effect on the distribution of temperature within the area of both chambers.

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