Knee splint / 20° knee flexion
JuzoPro® Immo 20° Juzo


  • Type:

    knee splint

  • Application:

    20° knee flexion


JuzoPro® Immo 0° acts as an immobilization splint for the knee. It's easy fitting nature provides for easy application, adding to user comfort. The three-piece construction of this orthosis provides immediate relief to the user as it can easily adjust itself to any kind of knee. Wearing the orthosis offers freedom and mobility, thanks to intelligently designed strap and splint system. The splint can adjust itself to the contours of the leg, so the user hardly feels that he is wearing anything. Maintenance is easy with this orthosis, and the splints can be removed and cleaned too. JuzoPro® Immo 0°is ideal for people going through pre-and post-operative stress of the knee, rheumatic knee, ligament injuries and so on.


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