Elbow splint / articulated
JuzoPro® Epi TT Juzo


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    elbow splint

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Elbow orthosis is used for immobilization or early mobilization of the elbow joint. Both the joints feature graduated adjustments, the extension and flexion, or the fixation angle of the joints can be set in a range of 15° increments. The othosis contains two split joints, four inelastic joints, circumferential straps, adjustable neck strap for supporting the arm and ensure optimum stability and wearing comfort. The stabilizing splints are easily removable and bent to meet various medical indications. Maximum comfort is ensured with skin-friendly padding.

Elbow orthosis is used in contractures and instabilities of elbow joint, for conservative treatment of elbow luxations with concomitant injuries, postoperative care after prosthetic implant, juxta-articular pseudoarthrosis and post-traumatic joint changes and follow-up treatment with stabile fractures of the distal humerus.


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