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Juzo® is now offering some amazing and handy, a variety of specialized compression garments for the arms, hands and fingers, that can be used in lymphology and scar treatment. With their fine mesh and soft fabric, and their comfortable wearing characteristics are sure to impress you. due to damage to the lymph vessels and the removal of lymph nodes, after a breast operation, it is common for an arm lymphedema can be formed in your body.

An essential component of any therapy, as a follow-up to lymph drainage, is compression therapy. The compressive and intense massaging effect, particularly in the case of flat-knitted garments will help in maintaining the reduced arm circumference achieved by manual lymph drainage. Healing of scars, particularly in the case of scar therapy, a well-fitted compression garment reduces the bothersome itchiness. The uniform surface pressure helps in healing the scar area and leads to a reduction in scar thickness. Compression therapy can also be beneficial for long lasting scars


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