Ankle sleeve / with para-achilles pad
JuzoFlex® Achill Xtra Juzo


  • Type:

    ankle sleeve

  • Options:

    with para-achilles pad


The JuzoFlex® Achill Achilles tendon bandage comes with a silicone insert which distributes the pressure uniformly along the Achilles tendon thereby relieving it. Its key features include the anatomically shaped, viscoelastic silicone insert for uniform pressure distribution in the para-Achilles region, two heel wedges (additional tension relief for the Achilles tendon), edema reduction thanks to compression class 2 fabric, fully compressive Y-heel, and pressure-minimizing edge region. It is perfect for treatment of Achillodynia, acute and chronic Achilles tendon, inflammations, irritations (post-traumatic, postoperative), achillobursitis, and Achilles tendon pain relief. The JuzoFlex® Achill Achilles tendon bandage is perfect to keep you mobile.


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