Knee sleeve / with flexible stays / with patellar pad
JuzoFlex® Genuaktiv Juzo


  • Type:

    knee sleeve

  • Options:

    with flexible stays, with patellar pad


JuzoFlex® Genuaktiv is an innovative knee bandage that has a sensory effect on muscles, thereby improving the stability of the knee joint. It's a knee brace with crescent shaped asymmetric pads to relieve pressure on the patella. It has comfort cushion for knee holow for improved comfort even when sitting for long periods of time. Its features also include bilateral spiral stays and built without latex because of LYCRA®. Indications are after immobilization for early mobilization, knee joint distortions and effusions, arthroses in the femoropatellar joint, after surgical interventions, patellar luxation tendency, posttraumatic edemas, sprains and contusions and following fractures.


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