Knee sleeve / with flexible stays / with patellar pad
JuzoFlex® Genu 500, JuzoFlex® Genu 505 Juzo


  • Type:

    knee sleeve

  • Options:

    with flexible stays, with patellar pad


JuzoFlex Genu 500 improves the motion of the knee joint while also relieving the pressure on the patella. It also incorporates a soft comfort pad at the back of the knee, ensuring the bandage is comfortable to wear at all times, even during longer periods of sitting.

Features an natomically shaped patella ring to relieve pressure on the patella. The ring-shaped pad imparts an additional massaging effect on the soft tissue. Provides rapid resorption of edemas and bruising and has a special knit fabric in the hollow of the knee to prevent constrictions when bending the knee. Comes with bilateral spiral stays.


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