Knee sleeve / with flexible stays / with patellar pad
JuzoFlex® Genu Xtra Juzo


  • Type:

    knee sleeve

  • Options:

    with flexible stays, with patellar pad


Reduce your knee joint pain by stabilizing and relieving the knee joint with this JuzoFlex Genu Xtra knee bandage and its anatomically correct shaped patella ring.

This knee bandage is ideal for the most serious athlete or someone just suffering from joint pain in their everyday life. Its compressive fabric and lateral spiral rods combine to provide a crease-free and secure hold. This is important, because knee bandages must be fitted correctly to relieve pain.

This bandage has smooth edge zones around the region for the thigh and calf to protect the flexor tendons of the biceps femoris. There is also an added adhesive border, which allows its user to adjust the length of the bandage.

The material is breathable and easy on the skin. The hydro-regulating 3D fabric transports moisture to the outside to keep the skin dry, cool, and comfortable. This product does not contain latex.


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