Knee orthosis / with flexible stays / open knee / with patellar pad
JuzoFlex® Genu 404 Juzo


  • Type:

    knee orthosis

  • Options:

    with flexible stays, open knee, with patellar pad


JuzoFlex® Genu 404 designed by Dr. Marshall is a knee bandage that has a horseshoe-shaped pad. It guides the knee joint during bending. The pad's shape also prevents the patella from elevating.

The horseshoe-shaped pad improves patella management in the slide bearing. It also has an adjustable strap found above the knee that regulates pressure. A special knit fabric is found in the hollow portion of the knee that avoids constrictions when the knee is bent. Furthermore, it is anatomically flexed, has an open patella, and bilateral spiral stays. It does not have latex due to LYCRA®. The knee bandage is intended for patella subluxation and dislocation as well as a prophylaxis in competitive sports.


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