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    stump sock

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Compression Stump Shrinkers

Stump stockings made from compressive fabric encourage wound healing after amputation. The supple, smooth inward exterior of the fabric ensures the stockings are snug to wear.

Juzo® compression stump stockings have been evolved on the cornerstone of our company’s long-standing know-how in constructing both round-knitted and flat-knitted health compression stockings. Along with compression stump stockings for the legs, Juzo® also makes made-to-measure arm stump stockings.

In the period directly after an amputation, the stump is particularly sensitive and sore.

Features of Stump Shrinkers:
- Stump stockings are particularly very simple to put on
- The supple and elastic top bands double-check the stockings can provide optimal remedy both for stumps with a large circumference and those with adipose, edemic tissue.

Stump stockings are available in the 4 Grades:
- Dynamic
- Dynamic Silver
- Professional cotton fabric
- Professional Silver


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