Ankle sleeve / with malleolar pad
JuzoFlex® Malleo Xtra Juzo


  • Type:

    ankle sleeve

  • Options:

    with malleolar pad


A JuzoFlex® Malleo Xtra ankle brace is best used to treat ankle injuries but also can alleviate the symptoms of an Achilles tendon or provide relief from degenerative joint diseases. Another use for this device is to help those suffering from hematomas, effusions and edemas to by accelerating reabsorption.

Made of latex-free microfiber, the JuzoFlex® Malleo Xtra ankle brace is comfortable and breathable. The device contains finished edges which reduce pressure as do the silicone pads which are constructed for anatomical conformity.

A stretch zone makes the brace easier to put on and also remove. It has a special feature which also keeps the device from creasing at the instep and makes it more wearable.


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