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12-channel electrocardiograph / digital / computer-based / with display
KEC-1000 Kalamed



  • Number of channels:


  • Technology:

    digital, computer-based

  • Options:

    with display


The KEC-100 computerized ECG can be easily installs and can be connected to the USB port of a PC using a standard cable or via WiFi.High quality ECG signal is due to high sampling rate (2000 Hz).The hardware and Windows software has built in noise, motion artefact and mains filtering algorithms.You can store patient date and ECG recordings and patient list may contain virtually unlimited number of data records and names.A4 paper can be used to print ECG recordings.It’s a simple way of connecting to various medical/hospital database management systems and the workstations can simultaneously use the program on the server.It features visualizing and comparing medians in three dimensions with adjustable viewpoints.The KEC-1000 system can be further extended with various equipments like ergometers...

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