intensive care patient monitor / ECG / respiratory rate / temperature
KMO–121 Kalamed



  • Applications:

    intensive care

  • Measured parameters:

    ECG, respiratory rate, temperature, EtCO2, NIBP, invasive blood pressure, SpO2

  • Other characteristics:

    with touchscreen, with built-in printer

  • Screen size:

    12.1 in


The KMO-121 patient monitor is ideal for monitoring vital signs such as ECG, SPO2, none invasive blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature. Optionally Invasive blood pressure and ETCO2 (end Tidal CO2) can be measured. Sensors for Adults, Infants and Neonates are available making the KMO-121 a flexible multiuse instrument. With 12,1" the KMO-121 has a large and crisp colour TFT LCD display allowing easy view of the data. 480 hours of trends in graphic and tabular form can be recorded and displayed.