ultrasonic nebulizer / trolley-mounted
908 DC Kare Medical and Analytical Devices



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Hikoneb® 908 DC Ultrasonic Nebulizer is designed to be used on hospital environment. Fully digital control panel, and utilized microcontroller technology allows unit to be precisely controlled. Built in timer function helps hospital staff and unit works for the needed period only. 908 DC unit is perfect for intensive use on clinical environments. Included accessories, hytrel tubing, water bottle, bacterial fi lter, air filter and mobile stand is perfect for hospital use. All the parts other than filters, are autoclavable up to 132° Celcius. Supplied medicine caps allow the hospital staff to provide medicine to the patient efficiently. 650 ml water tank and 1000 ml additional tank guarantees long operation. Adjustable nebulization is another positive speciality, which enables the adjustment of the given medicine amount in time. By the help of automatic heating mechanism, unit can supply warm vapour up to 38° C.

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