1 section tilt table / on casters / height-adjustable / electric
90-00 K.H. Dewert



  • Number of sections:

    1 section

  • Other characteristics:

    on casters, height-adjustable, electric


Tilt table with fixed height (no height adjustment) and Tilt-Function by
electric motor adjustment.

Basic equipment:

Lying surface 1-sectioned (without adjustable head part (= option), different possibilities see schedule below)
Foot plate (to stand on) removable.
For usage the foot plate is sticked in 2 holders and fixed.
Lying surface tiltable by electric motor from -15° to +85°.
The motor is controlled by hand and foot switch
Time of electric tilt adjustment from min. to max.: 22 sec.
(Faster movement for tilting is possible as option, but then loss of motor power. For more informations please contact us.)
Movable on 4 double-wheels castors, 75 mm diam., each with total lock
Special side rails along lying surface (left and right side)
for special tilt table equipment. (Please see schedule below)
Thickness of upholstery: 6 cm. Upholstery base: Laminated wood
Measures lying surface: Length: 1.930 mm, Width: 700 mm
Height (lying surface in horizontal position): 700 mm

Load capacity for max. patient weight:
180 kg (central burdened; patient in lying position)

Measures overall:
Length: 1.960 mm, Width: 850 mm

Necessary room height: 2,15 m (without extension rail)