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shoulder support / for operating tables / bariatric / anatomical



  • Type:

    shoulder support

  • Applications:

    for operating tables

  • Patient type:


  • Other characteristics:



The GEL'PAD TREND shoulder rests, in combination with the GEL'PAD TREND mattress overlay, hold the patient's shoulders and allow you to:
Secure patients for table angles lower than 30°,
Maintain patients for table angles between 30° and 45°,
Ensure excellent support bariatric patients.

Fully adjustable to patient's morphology thanks to its rests fixed by velcro on a high-resistance PVC plate, the GEL'PAD TREND shoulder rests comes with an anatomical head pad. It is rapidly tightened to operating tables by fastening its straps to the rails of the table.

The GEL'PAD TREND shoulder rests are manufactured from a 35kg/m3 high resilience foam core. It is covered with a 10mm thick layer of cross-linked polyurethane viscoelastic gel. Phtalate and latex free with a rheology index between 80 and 90, the GEL'PAD has both flexible and elastic properties. Its 4mm thick neoprene cover with bonded seams is totally fluid-proof.