Cryotherapy chamber
Krion miniPRO KRION


KRION miniPRO is a new model.

It combines common sizes and advantages of PRO model.
It also has superior leather texture exterior.

- To save your time we equipped the unit with the fully automatic modes.
- To reduce consumption and for safety KRION miniPRO has the CPU, additional systems and sensors.
- To have a better control KRION miniPRO has a 21,5” LCD swivel monitor.
- To rise your client’s flow and profit KRION miniPRO has a convenient drying regime.
- To mark out your individuality KRION miniPRO has an exclusive design.
The unit is Easy in Use, Efficient and Attractive.

Create a comfortable and convenient business day !

KRION is the developer of original WBC cryosauna technology.


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