type A2 biosafety cabinet / for cytostatics / floor-standing



  • Class:

    type A2

  • Applications:

    for cytostatics

  • Configuration:




The cabinet is designed for work with cytostatic and cytotoxic agents.

Application of the Microbiological Safety Cabinet

Personnel protection from exposure to antineoplastic (cytostatic and cytotoxic) compounds when working with such;
Aseptic preparation of the antineoplastic (cytostatic and cytotoxic) products
Physical isolation (containment and controlled removal from the work zone) of pathogenic biological agents (PBA) and microorganisms to prevent airborne infection of the staff and contamination of the air in the work room and to protect the environment.
Protection of the working agents inside the work zone from external and cross-contamination.
Work with small amounts of toxic chemical agents and gases, radio nuclides and removal of odors from working agents are possible only in case of mandatory connection of the cabinet to the individual exhaust ventilation system via exhaust hood, which can be supplied additionally with a separate order.

Application of the Biological Safety Cabinet Class II Type A2

The cabinet is used to equip individual work places in medical, pharmaceutical, and other institutions working with pathogenic agents. Conformity with standard EN 12469:2000 BIOTECHNOLOGY. PERFORMANCE CRITERIA FOR MICROBIOLOGICAL SAFETY CABINETS.