class III biosafety cabinet / laboratory / floor-standing
BMB-III-Laminar-S 342.120 LAMSYSTEMS GmbH



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    class III

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The model design allows using those cabinets for work with deadly bacteria and viruses.

If connected to the individual active exhaust system, the cabinet could be used for protection from small amounts of toxic chemical substances and radionuclides.

The system of monitoring with the audio-visible indication system warns operator about the failure of working modes in the cabinet.
Key Benefits

The cabinet has a sealed PASS-THROUGH SLUICE GATE made of stainless steel.
A PULL OUT SLUICE TABLE TOP makes loading objects into the working chamber easier.
FRONT SASH can be lifted for equipment loading. It is made of laminated safety glass and equipped with two oval glove ports.
REMOVABLE OUTLET UNIT in the working chamber with self-powered shutoff function.
The design of the cabinet allows integrating several cabinets in one line for continuous technological process.

The cabinet model 342.180 has 4 glove ports which allow two operators working simultaneously. The cabinet is produced upon request.

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