aesthetic medicine laser / acne treatment / CO2 / trolley-mounted
Leaflife Technology



  • Applications:

    aesthetic medicine, acne treatment

  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:


  • Wavelength:

    10,600 nm


1. Peak power: glass tube and metal RF tube laser can be optional, the maximum output power is 60W under ultra-short pulse mode.
2. Shortest output pulse width: 200us under r ultra-short pulse mode.
3. The minimum spot diameter : scar repair hand piece’s minimum focus diameter is 0.12mm, ensure the operation of normal organization, reach the deepest level, but maximize the stimulation of scar tissue regeneration.
4. Computer control pattern generator, precisely adjust treatment scope (multi-shape optional), density, depth, energy and frequency etc. to complete personalized treatment.
5. The original patent C02 laser skin tightening technology, utilize the water absorption character and heat conduction of CO2 laser light, so make the heat penetration depth in skin is much deeper than IPL, can effectively heat the dermis, contract collagen fiber, stimulate collagen renew, enhance skin elasticity and improve skin relaxation.