OCT ophthalmoscope / trolley-mounted
EnVisu Leica Microsystems



  • Type of instrument:

    OCT ophthalmoscope

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Quickly capture and observe brilliant, high-resolution, and high-density optical coherence tomography (OCT) images where you need it. The gentle, non-contact Envisu C2300 system is suitable for even premature infants. It is the world's only hand-held OCT solution approved by the FDA for use as an aid in the diagnosis of physiological and pathologic conditions of the eye.

- Take OCT to your patient: The handheld OCT scan head and mobile cart provides flexibility to image from the ICU, operating room, and clinic.
- Focus with confidence: The Envisu C2300 can be mounted on a surgical microscope for steady, high-quality live imaging.
- Get brilliant detail when you need it: High-resolution, real-time images can be seen with detail down to 3 μm.
- Explore with full volume: Featuring full 3D volumetric data capturing capability with fully customizable high density data scans up to 1000 x 1000 x 1000.