thermostatic calibration bath
LT-920 LOIP Ltd.

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thermostatic calibration bath thermostatic calibration bath - LT-920


  • Temperature control:


  • Temperature range:

    Max.: 150 °C (302 °F)

    Min.: 5 °C (41 °F)

  • Capacity:

    14 l (3.7 gal)


Ultra precise calibration thermostat LOIP LT-920 is designed for calibration and adjustment of ASTM glass thermometers. This unit is state-of-the-art design and equipped with Carousel-type stainless steel rack. Rotating rack allows changing thermometers position in the testing chamber and enables very easy and comfortable observation during the test. Microprocessor PID thermo-regulator allows to set and monitor temperature, service parameters, thermo-sensor calibration data, performs current status, troubles diagnostic and low liquid level cut-out. Instrument can work with both water and non-aqueous fluids (silicon and other oils, glycol mixtures, etc.) as a heat medium. Thermometers are put in three-tier rack.
Features and benefits:
Carousel-type rack for 15 thermometers, rotating
Intelligent control system LOIP-ATC automatically adjusts PID-control parameters according to the fluid properties and eliminates influence of mains oscillations and ambient temperature instability
A high performance motorized stirrer ensures temperature uniformity throughout the bath
5-digit LCD display for actual and set temperature, service parameters and codes
Accurate two-point calibration of temperature readings
In case of malfunction (e.g. due to low fluid level) auto-testing system stops the instrument and displays the causes
A stainless steel bath has glass observation port enables inspection during the test
Built-in cooling coil, when connected to tap water, permits operation at ambient or below ambient temperatures
A draining tap, installed in the bottom of the baths makes its refilling very simple.