sample preparation reagents / magnetic bead-based / serum / plasma
MagSiMUS-TDMPREP MagnaMedics Diagnostics BV



  • Applications:

    sample preparation

  • Type:

    magnetic bead-based

  • Sample type:

    serum, plasma


Automated sample prep for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

MagSiMUS-TDMPREP is a sample preparation and clean-up method for serum and plasma samples prior to LC-MS/MS based therapeutic drug monitoring. It is based on the innovative MagSiMUS technology with which interfering compounds, such as proteins, are depleted while keeping analytical targets in suspension. This enables direct injection into an LC-MS/MS instrument, without the need for further purification (e.g. solid phase extraction).

MagSiMUS-TDMPREP is very suitable for automation through MagSiMUSDX, providing a walk-away solution for sample preparation in formats like microtiter plates, microtubes or vials. Additionally, multiple parameters can be analyzed in one and the same microtiter plate (multi-parameter set-up) saving time and consumable costs.

MagSiMUS-TDMPREP is available in two magnetic bead type versions: Type I and Type II. The magnetic bead mixes of MagSiMUS-TDMPREP Type I and MagSiMUS-TDMPREP Type II are suitable for different target analytes. For more information and selection, see the MagSiMUS Selection Guide.

The sample preparation method is the same for both product types. Whole blood samples can be analyzed as well. The required Lysis Buffer for Whole Blood can be ordered separately. Organic precipitation reagents I or VI should also be ordered separately.