cryotherapy chamber
M-Cryo ULTIMATE Majestic Cryo



Cryosauna cabins M-Cryo are fully sourced and made in the USA (Richardson, Texas). The manufacturing in the US was established in early 2013 to meet all US standards and regulations. Services provided at no additional cost include delivery, installation, training and certification of operators, and 2-year warranty.

All M-Cryo models have been designed for reliability, durability, serviceability and efficiency. They are easy to install and maintain, quiet, economical, and suitable for slow, as well as high volume operations. The interior material is frost resistant, and drying during the day is optional. The cabins are capable of providing as many as 15-20 treatments per hour Customization options of size, interior and exterior, as well as financing options allow for finding the best cryosauna for every type of business or for private use.


Footprint: 70” x 50”
Radius of the client’s cabin: 34” (external), 30” (internal)
Height of the client’s cabin: 68”
Overall height of the cabin: 80”
Weight: About 860 lbs
Electric lifting platform with capacity of up to 500 lbs
Digital temperature panel
5.7” touch screen operation panel
Nitrogen supply from a 22 psi pressurized cylinder
Customizable exterior and interior