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X-ray diffractometer / for the pharmaceutical industry
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    for the pharmaceutical industry


Meet the third generation of the Empyrean multipurpose platform

Listening to users of our renowned system at over a thousand universities, research centers and industries around the world, we have now redefined the concept of a multipurpose X-ray diffraction (XRD) instrument.

The new Empyrean is the first fully automated multipurpose diffractometer that allows the largest variety of measurements without any manual intervention. Our newly designed MultiCore Optics featuring iCore and dCore take care of the work.

The MultiCore Optics do not need any human

• Prepare batches of samples to run overnight or over weekends and maximize instrument utilization.
• Automate multiple measurement geometries to facilitate a more complete understanding of your samples.
• Simplify training of new students or personnel and lower the barrier to performing advanced X-ray applications.
• Reduce time loss caused by mistakes of inexperienced users.
• Execute subsequent user-independent automated analysis on your samples using software such as our industry-leading HighScore package.

Accomplish advanced characterization of your pharmaceuticals. X-ray powder diffraction, a rapid non-destructive analytical technique, is widely applied in drug discovery, formulation, stability testing and final product quality control. The proven and comprehensive method is available with 21 CFR Part 11 Audit Trail support. Empyrean can also perform in situ non- ambient analysis without manual intervention and high-throughput measurements on well-plates.