X-ray diffractometer / for the pharmaceutical industry
X'Pert³ Powder Malvern Panalytical



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    for the pharmaceutical industry


The next generation cost-effective, multipurpose X-ray diffraction platformX'Pert³ Powder is PANalytical’s newest X-ray diffraction system based on the fully renewed X’Pert platform. With new on-board control electronics, compliance with the latest and most stringent X-ray and motion safety norms, advances in eco-friendliness and reliability the X’Pert³ Powder is ready for the future. The system offers an affordable solution for high-throughput, high-quality phase identification and quantification, residual stress analysis, grazing incidence diffraction, X-ray reflectometry, small-angle X-ray scattering, pair distribution function analysis and non-ambient diffraction.