GPC/SEC chromatography detector / RI
Viscotek VE3580 Malvern Panalytical



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Viscotek RI Detector (VE3580) High-stability concentration detector, perfect for GPC/SEC chromatography and molecular weight determination.

Accurate measurement of the polymer or protein concentration profile is essential to good molecular weight or structure data. The high-stability Viscotek RI is ideally suited for multi-detection GPC/SEC.

The Viscotek RI Detector is sold as part of the Viscotek 270max system, or as a stand-alone module for connection to other chromatography components, such as the GPCmax, UV/Vis or PDA detectors.

Two temperature control profiles enable use at normal laboratory temperature or in cold room/cabinet conditions.
Automatically purged from the software or as part of a programmed sample sequence.
Carefully designed purging system minimizing major temperature changes, giving rapid baseline recovery.