GPC/SEC chromatography detector / UV
Viscotek Malvern Panalytical



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Viscotek UV Detector Concentration detector, perfect for GPC/SEC, molecular weight determination and compositional analysis.

Accurate measurement of the polymer or protein concentration profile is essential to good molecular weight or structure data. The high-stability Viscotek UV detector is ideally suited for multi-detection GPC/SEC.

The Viscotek UV detector is sold as an addition to the Viscotek TDAmax to complete a Tetra Detector format, or as a stand-alone module for connection to other chromatography components such as the 270max or the SEC-MALS 20.

Excellent tool for the compositional analysis of co-polymers or protein conjugates.
Precise and accurate temperature control as the detector cell is housed in the same thermal chamber as the rest of the system.
Choose the most appropriate wavelength for your sample.
Unmatched baseline stability and data reproducibility.